Erskine Financial Advisors      James R. Erskine, CFP(R)

"Planning is an unnatural process....The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise, rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression." - Sir John Harvey-Jones

We help individuals and families make sense of their financial lives.   Our work starts from the clients' perspective -your goals and aspirations, your concerns about your financial future,your attitudes about money and investing.  Working together we evaluate your financial situation and devise strategies to protect and grow your wealth and to give you the best chance of reaching your goals.

The world of finance can be confusing and fraught with peril.  And as we've seen recently, even the "best and brightest" can make some huge mistakes.  We want to help you avoid making some of those same mistakes and to create clarity where confusion might now exist.

Our overriding goals are straightforward:
  • To help clients develop a plan that leaves them feeling comfortable about their financial future
  • To educate our clients about the options they have and help them make wise and appropriate decisions
  • To be available for assistance as their needs and goals change over time
  • To develop a relationship based on mutual trust that puts our clients' interests and welfare first
Our Services

Financial Planning:  We work with clients to clarify their objectives and concerns and develop a plan to address their specific situation.  This can take the form of a comprehensive planning process or a project focused on a particular area of concern such as cash flow management and budgeting, retirement planning, investment strategy, insurance and risk management, withdrawal strategies during retirement, debt management, and estate planning.  Whatever the scope of our work, we seek to help clients develop an understanding of the financial options available and assist them in making sound financial choices.  For more about our planning services, go here.

Investment Management:  In conjunction with the planning process, or on a stand-alone basis, we can provide the full range of investment solutions designed to help clients achieve their financial goals.  Investment management services are provided on a fee-only basis – there are no sales charges, loads, or commissions.  For more about our approach to managing your investment portfolio, click here.

Insurance Solutions:  A sound financial plan should not be solely focused on accumulating and growing your investment assets, but also should consider protecting what you already have. We help you evaluate the potential risks and can provide appropriate solutions for life, disability, health and long term care insurance.

Mortgage Financing:  Real estate comprises a major portion of the net worth of many clients and the wise use of mortgage financing can have a significant impact on your ability to achieve your goals.  We can assist in obtaining loans for purchase or refinance of your personal residence or investment property, and help you evaluate the financial impact of your real estate transaction.


If you'd like more information regarding our services, or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, please feel free to contact us.